Recycled Poly Outdoor Furniture

Recycled Poly Furniture: Sturdy, Durable and Eco-Friendly

Environmental technology has made leaps and bounds implementing itself into everyday living.  Just about everything that can be recycled is, and new eco-friendly materials and uses for them are being produced every day. A perfect example of this can be seen in recycled poly outdoor furniture.

Since 2006, Ultimate Patios has been providing our community with reliable and sturdy patio furniture and outdoor bar furniture, and we are proud to offer recycled poly outdoor furniture to our customers in Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Trash to Treasure

Recycled poly furniture is quickly becoming one of the industry’s go-to innovative materials in outdoor furniture. It utilizes a unique process where objects destined for landfills, such as plastic containers, milk jugs and other waste materials undergo a procedure to turn them into “plastic lumber.” This results in a durable and exceptionally sturdy final product, ideally suited for outdoor patio and deck furniture pieces. If you’re looking to invest in low-maintenance outdoor furniture, you should choose recycled poly patio dining furniture.

At Ultimate Patios, we offer recycled poly outdoor furniture to Montgomery County and its surrounding areas. This inventive and innovative material comes in a variety of colors, from traditional outdoor furniture hues to a more vibrant color palette. Whatever your tastes in design, there’s a recycled poly piece for all of your decorative needs.

 Advantages Over Traditional Outdoor Furniture

There are several advantages to buying recycled poly furniture from ultimate Patios:

It requires little-to-no maintenance

Recycled poly furniture never needs painting, and cleaning it is fast and simple.

It’s easy to clean

A damp, soapy cloth or sponge is all you need to keep it looking fresh and new.

It’s versatile

Many recycled poly furniture items can stack together for easy storage options in the winter months. Also, most dining chairs can be used as lounge chairs and vice versa.

It’s sturdy

Recycled poly furniture isn’t weak or flimsy like your typical outdoor plastic furniture found in the supermarket or sundry store.

It’s colorful

Not only is recycled poly outdoor furniture available in pastel and vibrant colors, but it can also be purchased in warmer, earthy tones as well.

It’s heat and cold resistant

Recycled poly furniture won’t absorb excess heat or cold, making it safe to touch regardless of any weather or conditions.

It’s resistant to rain

Recycled poly furniture won’t absorb rainwater, which is essential to keep it protected from the elements and from rotting or splintering.

At Ultimate Patios, we feature chaise lounge chairs and recycled poly outdoor furniture for homes in Montgomery County, PA, and its surrounding areas. We always stock a large selection of patio furniture and accessories to keep our customers satisfied throughout the entire year. We also provide outdoor fire pits to complete your outdoor setup to get it ready to host your next outdoor party or event.

For over a decade, Ultimate Patios has provided our customers with reliable outdoor patio furniture products. We remain committed to serving our community and dedicated to providing them with the highest quality products they have come to expect from our company.

To purchase an outdoor couch, learn more about recycled poly outdoor furniture for your Montgomery County home, or inquire about our inventory, call our friendly team at Ultimate Patios at 610-430-2171 or browse our website today.

Ultimate Patios offers recycled poly outdoor furniture in Montgomery county, PA. To view our variety of recycled poly patio furniture, please visit our website today!